Navigate the business of buying, selling, and investing in privately-held companies.

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Due Diligence Tracking

Secure file sharing and diligence request tracking with automated version history and more. Simple to use and accessible from anywhere.

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Valuation Modeling

Import historical financials, customize assumptions and formulas, generate multiple scenarios, and easily produce valuation summaries and reports.

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Lextree web applications from Berkman Solutions enable you to manage legal entities, contracts, and more...

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Practical news and analysis about business, law, finance, and more...

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Our story

Berkman Ventures builds, acquires, and invests in "good" technology and media businesses. We believe that good businesses make work and life a little better for everyone: customers, employees, investors, friends, families, and probably even their pets. Berkman was founded on this little idea in 2011 by Mark Little and Ben Cosby. Fast forward a few years and most of our investments are now consolidated under the creatively named Berkman Solutions brand.

We now find ourselves helping more than a few old (and new) friends structure deals over lunch, but we can only eat so much lunch. So, we remodeled our digital real estate to help both pros and novices find insight, answers and software (coming soon) for the business of buying, selling, and investing in privately-held companies.

Looking for investment criteria? If you would like to send us a prospectus or pitch, please consider accepting our respectful "thanks, but no thanks" in advance. We almost never consider unsolicited pitches.

For those of you that will not be deterred, keep the following in mind. We always say no to anonymous teasers, upfront NDAs, and big company deals, and we very, very, very occasionally say yes to small (and "good") technology or media businesses that actually make money.